Koble WiFi Marketing for Retail Stores

Find out which in store customers are also shopping at your online store

The opportunities for location-based marketing in retail are only just starting to be realized.

You can now learn more about how your customers like to shop and use new marketing tools to increase your sales in all channels.

Close the loop.

Connect your online and offline customer traffic.

Reward customers who shop in your store with a coupon code for your online shop.

Find out which online shoppers are also coming to your store in person.

Send your marketing to both groups and keep them coming back.

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Give Your Customers a Reason to Connect

Offer a coupon that can be used in store or later when the shop online.

Show Your Sales and Feature Products

Use the opportunity to direct their attention to your current sales.

Request a Review after they leave

Trigger an email or SMS to request a review after they've left your store.

Keep in Touch with Follow-Up Messages

Let your customers know about current sales, special hours, and new arrivals.


Create Automated SMS Campaigns in Minutes

Send text messages when your customers are nearby, when they connect, after they leave, or even if you haven't seen them in a while.

It only takes a minute to bring your customers back for more!

WiFi Marketing Benefits for Retailers

Frequency Rewards

Each time your customers visit they have a chance to spend, and you have a chance to reward them for their loyalty. Set up automated rewards to keep them coming back and increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Lead Generation

Asking for an email address at the checkout counter is an awkward situation. Give them an incentive to connect to your Free WiFi and gather their contact information so you can hit them up later with your sales.

Sales and Specials

Retail runs off sales. Let your customers know that they qualify for exclusive sales and special offers just by connecting to your Free WiFi. You'll increase the frequency that they come back for more!

Social Sharing

Encourage your customers to share their experience in your store on social media right when they connect to your Free WiFi. Let them be your ambassadors and reward them for helping out.

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Plug and Play

We've put together a simple-to-setup hardware package so all you have to do is plug it in to start offering Free Wifi.

Track Your Growth

Use your Koble Admin to track your visitors frequency and tailor your marketing to keep them coming back.

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Connect Your Customers

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