Koble WiFi Marketing for Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants and bars are ideal locations for Proximity Marketing, and to take advantage of all the value that can come through offering your customers a Custom WiFi Hotspot.

Turn customers into regulars.

Measure and Increase the lifetime value of your customers with automated WiFi Marketing.

Upsell Your Specials

Promote your features while your guests are at their table.

Show wine lists, featured menu items, daily specials and much more.

Request a review from your customers minutes after they leave.

Send links to reserve a table at times you know they usually visit.

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Promote While your Guests are Waiting

Show wine lists, menu features, daily specials and even let them save a table.

Offer an Incentive to Connect

Offer a prize or loyalty points for connecting to your Free Wifi.

Show Your Best Features

Show different content to visitors in the restaurant, the lounge, or waiting for their table.

Reward Them for Visiting

Send your customers a coupon when they've left. Let them know you appreciate their visits.

Sign Up

Click here to sign up now. We'll get a few details about your location to configure your startup kit.

Plug and Play

We've put together a simple-to-setup hardware package so all you have to do is plug it in to start offering Free Wifi.

Track Your Growth

Use your Koble Admin to track your visitors frequency and tailor your marketing to keep them coming back.

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Connect Your Customers

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