Koble WiFi Marketing for Medical Clinics

On average, patients wait 45 minutes in a medical clinic before seeing a doctor. Most of that time is spent on smartphones.

Koble Hotspots help deliver relevant content about valuable health services at a time when health is on their mind.

Improve the patient experience and reduce perceived wait times with Koble Hotspots.

Provide valuable information to your customers when their health is on their mind.

Request feedback from patients about your services while they wait.

Free Sample Request forms cut down on time and paper.

Allow digital brochure downloads and promote health books and apps.


Added Value for You and Your Patients

Lower Perceived Wait Times

Patients spend an average of 45 minutes waiting to see a doctor. Speed up that time with Free WiFi and a custom portal to provide them with information that will be important to them at that time.

Feedback Surveys

Learn more about your patients and their needs. Have them fill out surveys and questionnaires while they wait so you can improve their experience and serve them better.

Sample Requests

Provide free sample request forms for patients to submit directly online instead of filling out on paper. Automate the process to save time and effort while providing a valuable benefit.

Health Care Information

Cut back the waiting room clutter and put your brochures on your WiFi portal. Let your patients read and download important information about their health.

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Plug and Play

We've put together a simple-to-setup hardware package so all you have to do is plug it in to start offering Free Wifi.

Track Your Growth

Use your Koble Admin to track your visitors frequency and tailor your marketing to keep them coming back.

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