Frequently Asked Questions

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  • WiFi

    A wireless internet network

  • Hotspot

    A place (such as an area in a restaurant or hotel) where it is possible to make a wireless connection to the Internet, often provided at no cost to the user as a value added service from the provider.

  • WiFi Access Point

    A device that is connected through PoE ethernet cable to an Internet router and projects the location’s incoming Internet connection into a Wireless (WiFi) signal.

  • PoE (Power over Ethernet)

    A type of ethernet cable which also sends electrical power to the Access Point, eliminating the need to send additional electrical wiring.

  • Portal

    A site serving as a guide or point of entry to the World Wide Web. With Koble Hotspots, the point of entry includes connecting to a local WiFi Hotspot which may request information such as an email address or password to complete the connection and provide location specific information. In the Koble Admin, the Portal refers to the entire set of content being delivered including the connection page and any subsequent pages.

  • Sighting

    The WiFi Access Point detects a device such as a cell phone or tablet attempting to connect to the network. The visitor may not have taken any action. They might not have opened their phone or ever have connected to the network previously. If there are no other open or preferred networks in the area, this metric is ideal for tracking customers and repeat visitors to your location.

  • Connection

    A device such as a cell phone or tablet has purposefully connected to a network agreed to any terms and conditions, and been granted access to the internet by the Koble WiFi Access Point.

  • Session

    A session refers to a visitor to your location connecting your your Hotspot and viewing the Portal content. Session lenght is the amount of time spent viewing the Portal. A session may differ from a connection, where the user can come back to view the Portal multiple times during a single Connection. These will be counted as separate sessions.

Frequent Questions

  • Will this work with my current Internet?

    Yes! Koble is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Our Access Points work with your current Internet Connection to turn it into a WiFi Hotspot that's available for your customers.

  • Is it secure?

    Yes. Generally speaking, the network we provide is as secure as the Internet connection provided by the location. It's also up to the location manager and how accessible they want to make the network. Will it require a password, an email address, phone number, or social login to connect, or will it simply allow anyone to connect just by agreeing to the terms?

    The people using the WiFi also bear some responsibility to protect themselves. Generally they're most vulnerable based on the sharing settings they have enabled on their device - settings that allow file sharing, printing, and even remote logins to their device.

    As well, the types of websites that users visit can be more vulnerable - any transactions they make like sign-ins, purchases and sending sensitive information should be done on secure websites only - those that use https and ssl. Generally websites that handle anything like this such as Facebook, Gmail, or Ecommerce websites will have that in place already, but users should be aware of the sites that they visit and any security risks they may be taking.

  • Who can connect to my WiFi?

    Your Koble Hotspot WiFi connection is accessible to anyone with a WiFi enabled device who is within range of the Koble WiFi access point, and is able to provide information such as a phone number or email address that you request to grant the connection.

  • How many people can connect at once?

    Each Koble WiFi access point can provide a connection for up to 200 people at the same time. If your location can hold more than 200 people, you might want to install a second WiFi access point to handle the additional traffic.

  • What is the range of the WiFi signal?

    Koble Wifi access points have a range of up to 400 ft. However there are many things which may restrict this such as walls and infrastructure of your location and other signals causing 'noise' or interference in the area.

    In optimal conditions you can expect one Koble WiFi access point to cover about 5,000 sq ft of space.

  • My location has multiple levels, do I need more WiFi access points?

    Generally we suggest using at least one hardwired access point for each level of your location due to poor signal quality after it travels through walls and floors to get to the next level. Let us know if you need to buy some extra ethernet cable.

  • Is data included in my Koble Hotspot subscription?

    No, Koble is not an Internet Service Provider, and does not have any association or agreements with your ISP. The data being used by your customers over your Koble Hotspot will be reflected in your agreement with your ISP. You can view the amount of data being used through your Koble Hotspot at any time by logging into your Koble Admin. The data throughput shown in your Dashboard only counts the data being used through the Koble Hotspot and does not included data being used through other hardline or WiFi connections from the same Internet Service.