Koble WiFi Hotspots for Gyms and Fitness Centers

Gym goers are constantly using their cell phones while they work out - whether it’s to stream their workout playlist, binge-watch while on the treadmill, or search for new exercises.

With WiFi Marketing, you can learn more about their visits, upsell your products and services, and provide curated content that they’ll love.

Increase the value of each membership.

Upsell your gym products, shakes and supplements.

Sign them up for classes on the spot.

Integrate with activity tracking programs to keep them engaged and in shape!


Energize your Member Experience

Product Upsells

Use your Custom WiFi Portal to promote items you sell at your gym in addition to your memberships. Training equipment, supplements, additional classes...let your visitors know you have it available on site.

Curated Content

Provide something extra for your members when they connect. Show a training tip of the day. Embed a music playlist. Share a workout video. Your members will appreciate the personal touch and build up their loyalty.

Integrate Your Activity Tracker

Many Gyms use different programs to inspire their members to keep coming back and reach their goals. Make it more accessible by including it in your custom WiFi portal.

Send Reminders

Automate reminders to your members. Let them know it's been a while since their last workout...the holidays are over and it's time to come back and get in shape!

Sign Up

Click here to sign up now. We'll get a few details about your location to configure your startup kit.

Plug and Play

We've put together a simple-to-setup hardware package so all you have to do is plug it in to start offering Free Wifi.

Track Your Growth

Use your Koble Admin to track your visitors frequency and tailor your marketing to keep them coming back.

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Connect Your Customers

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