Advertise on Koble Hotspots

Brands that Advertise on the Koble Hotspots Network are buying into a new form of advertising, that specifically targets their most desirable customers and guarantees visibility of their ads - showing an ad for their product at the moment the customer is about to make a purchase.

Connect with customers at a time when they are most likely to make a purchase.

of people said they are receptive to receiving promotions while at a location.
are likely to take action after receiving a location-specific message.

Advertise your brand with seamless product placement.

Advertising on Koble Hotspots allows you to show your brand and your products in a non-invasive way, that still let's you stand out.

location-specific messaging

Provide messages to your customers when they are at the location where they can purchase your products.

Lead Generation

Offer your customers specific promotions, prize giveaways, incentives and sign up forms to generate leads and gather valuable contact info.

Rich Content

Show your best content to your potential customers - image galleries and promo videos, or embed your social media to get them engaged!

Data Gathering

Find out exactly how many customers saw, clicked, how long they lingered, and who took action on your ads.

Native Advertising

Advertising with Koble in non-intrusive. Ads on Koble Hotspots appear seemlessly as part of the location content.

Timely Product Placement

Show your products to potential customers at the moment that they're about to make a purchase.

Advertise with Koble

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