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Koble helps measure and increase the lifetime value of every one of your customers.

Koble turns your guest WiFi into a powerful marketing tool that captures your customer contact information, automates your marketing, increases return visitors, and increases sales per visit. Koble WiFi tracks the visit frequency of each customer and helps bring them back more often.

  • for your Business
    Automate your marketing, and increase return visits

    When your customers connect to your Free WiFi, you have an opportunity to show them exactly what’s important about being at your location at that exact moment.

    • • Request Email or Phone Numbers
    • • Track Customer Visits
    • • Provide Free Guest WiFi
    • • Automate Email and SMS marketing
    • • Increase Return Visits
    • • Increase Sales
  • for your Customers
    Provide Free WiFi and promote your feature items.

    At the moment your customers connect, they will see valuable information about your business, your features and your promotions. You can show them your menu, ask for a review, get them on your social media, and even reward them with loyalty points.

    • • Free WiFi
    • • Earn Coupons and Rewards
    • • Engage on Social Media
    • • View Menus and Promos
    • • Improved Dining Experience

Who Is Koble For?

  • Restaurants

    Restaurants and bars are ideal locations for Proximity Marketing, and to take advantage of all the value that can come through offering your customers a Custom WiFi Hotspot.
    You have many repeat customers, your customers spend extended periods of time in your establishment, and your customers evaluate your business by their overall experience from the food, to the service, to the WiFi!

  • Medical Clinics

    On average, patients wait 45 minutes in a medical clinic before seeing a doctor. Most of that time is spent on smartphones.
    Koble Hotspots help deliver relevant content about valuable health services at a time when health is on their mind.

  • Gyms

    Gym goers are constantly using their cell phones while work out - whether it’s to stream their workout playlist, watch netflix while on the treadmill, or search for new exercises.
    Help them out with Free Wifi and curated content that they’ll love.

  • Community Centers

    Parents spend countless hours hanging around Sports Facilities and Community Centres watching their children play and practise. Free Wifi is a must to allow them to continue with their busy lives, and Cellular reception is usually very poor inside. Koble Wifi Hotspots allow parents to stay connected while promoting their own programs, and delivering timely messages to their most important audience.

  • Retail Stores

    Imagine being able to tell your customers about a sale when they're just steps away from it. Opportunities for location-based marketing in retail services are only just being realized. Retail locations can use proximity marketing to offer frequency rewards and coupons based on their visit to your store, as well as lead generation and social engagement.

  • Events

    Use custom WiFi portals to give your guests the ultimate experience when they come to your event.
    Give them updated schedules, provide a location map, gather feedback and send them location specific information.

4 Easy Steps to Bring Customers Back


Customers often search for any open network to save their cellular data or get a better signal.


Request an email address, phone number or social media sign on to connect to the WiFi.


Show them what's going on at your location at that moment - menus, sales, social media, events...


Send Texts or Emails to let your customers know what going on and bring them back more often.

What Makes Koble Different?

Location Intelligence

Most Free WiFi providers have a singular focus - to collect email addresses from your customers in exchange for Free WiFi.

Koble provides true Location Intelligence. Koble allows merchants to see detailed reports of their customer traffic, dwell times, repeat customers, and table turn-over efficiency.

In addition to data collection, Koble also focuses on content delivery through a captive portal when cusotmers connect, displaying menus and promos right when it's most important.

Now, you can collect valuable contact information, create and deliver engaging content over WiFi, and send follow up marketing based on their in-store WiFi Experience.


Getting started is a breeze!

Getting setup with Koble is much easier than you'd think. All you have to do is plug the Koble WiFi Access Point into your router, and you'll be ready to go. That's it! Anyone can do it in minutes, with zero technical knowledge required.

  • Create a Free Account.
  • Order your Koble hardware kit.
  • Plug it in, and connect to the WiFi Network. That's it!
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